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Catalyst of burning of fuel


APPOINTMENT of "Catalyst of burning of fuel":

- Decrease in fuel consumption to 6%, increase in efficiency of efficiency at 5-7%;  
- Stabilization of operation of the engine on all loadings;  
- Decrease in wear of TsPG of the engine to 70%;

- Improvement of ecological characteristics of diesel engines, at the expense of fuller combustion of fuel;  
- Cleaning of the combustion chamber, nozzles and gas-exhaust path of deposits;  
- Preservation of constructional parameters of the combustion chamber and settlement mode of burning of fuel in use engine;  
- Decrease in temperature and mechanical intensity;  
- Increase in the periods of time between next technical service and engine repairs, decrease in labor and financial expenses for their carrying out.

SCOPE: Cargo, passenger, automobile transport, diesel installations of railway transport, river and sea ship power plants, diesel autonomous installations, career transport.

CONCENTRATION of an additive in fuel makes 0,01% of volume, i.e. 100 ml on 1000 liters of fuel or 1 liter on 10 m3 of fuel.

APPLICATION of "The catalyst of burning of fuel" in diesel fuel leads to DECREASE in the content of harmful substances in the fulfilled gases (as a percentage in relation to basic diesel fuel):



to 90

Nitrogen oxides


Carbon oxide

20 - 85

Sulfur dioxide

to 90


15 - 65

Benz (a) of pyrene

25 - 40


15 - 60


to 20

Oil fog

to 20



RESULTS of TESTS of DIESEL FUEL C "Catalyst of burning of fuel"


Objects of tests and organization
carrying out bench tests

Effect from additive application

2Ch 10,5/12

СПбГАУ, St. Petersburg - Pushkin

Full removal of deposits from details of tsilindroporshnevy group.


Naval academy, St. Petersburg

Decrease in SN in OG for 35-40%, NOH for 30-35%. Decrease in wear of TsPG for 70%. Cleaning of combustion chambers.


Back and Transport academy, St. Petersburg

Decrease in smoke for 62-100%, decrease in fuel consumption for 6,25%, NOx to 22%.

CHN 9,5/11

TsNIDI, St. Petersburg

Decrease: fuel consumption on the average for 3,1%, contents WITH for 13-25%, SN for 8-30%, smoke for 17-52%.

8Ch 9,5/10

To VIT, St. Petersburg

Decrease in smoke to 60%, SN to 66%, NOx to 60%.

4Ch 8,5/11

To VIT, St. Petersburg

Decrease in smoke for 60-80% and

specific fuel consumption for 4-5%.

Mini-combined heat and power plant on the basis of the 10 kW DG to VIT, St. Petersburg

Nagaroobrazovaniye elimination on surfaces of heat exchangers.


Federal State Unitary Enterprise NIKTID Vladimir


Decrease in issue WITH for 13%, SN for 4%. Decrease in smoke for 9 - 24%.


12CHN18/20 (M787GM)

JSC Zvezda, St. Petersburg

Decrease in issue WITH for 4,0% and smoke for 5,7%.

3DNL170/600HF  of Bolens firm

TsNIIMF, St. Petersburg

Decrease in issue WITH for 12%, NOx for 9%. Decrease in smoke for 30%. Decrease in hour fuel consumption for 1,6%.

6CHN 21/21 (D222)

JSC Volzhsky diesel im. Maminykh

Decrease in issue  of NOx for 8-38%.

Decrease in smoke for 8-73%.

KAMAZ 7408.10

СПбГТУ (Polytechnical institute)

Decrease in the contents WITH to 25,8%, SN to 34% Decrease in smoke to 60,5%. Decrease in specific fuel consumption to 7,5%. Increase к.п.д. to 6,2%

NAMI-2DK installation

NAMI-HIM, Moscow

Decrease: fuel consumption, smoke on the average - 10%. Washing properties - 20%



The additive is entered by producers of fuels; suppliers on the bunker bases in a car - and railway tanks, in the capacity of gas stations; consumers in a tank of the vehicle or in account capacity.

"The catalyst of burning of fuel" is issued on HUNDRED 63007115-003-2009 , the Hygienic certificate

With application of "The catalyst of burning of fuel" since 1999 was issued "DT EVRO" on TU 0251-002-46978376-99 on which Gosstandart of Russia issued admissions and certificates of conformityand as Ultra fuel in Novosibirsk and DIO fuel in Estonia, in Ukraine are carried out our test of "The catalyst of burning of fuel" and  the admission to production and application by NAFTA-STANDART Fuel Company of Ukraine is got.

Tests of our "Catalyst" on high-sulphurous fuel in Syria are carried out and positive results are received.

At the moment in St. Petersburg diesel JET fuels with "The catalyst of burning of fuel" are prepared for release.


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